CAMHS Specialist Substance Misuse Service (CSSS) - Newham

Address: York House, 411 Barking Road, Plaistow, London, E13 8AL

Area Covered: Newham

Telephone: 020 7055 8400

Fax: 020 7055 8401

Area Covered: Newham

Service Type: Specialist Addiction Services - Specialist Addiction Services - Young People

Access Criteria:
This is not a direct access service. Referrals are however accepted from a wide range of agencies working with young people

This is a specialist NHS treatment service in CNewham for young people under 19 years who have serious and complex drug and/or alcohol problems. Young people using the Service may also have additional mental and/or physical health problems or require multi-agency care planning, care co-ordination, specialist prescribing or referral to in-patient services.

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